Sunday, September 11, 2005

Lance Armstrong

In his latest op-ed: "Lance Armstrong's Heroism Is a Moral Inspiration--Athletic victories provide a rare and crucial moral value: the sight of human achievement." Andrew Bernstein writes:

"But what explains the enormous interest in Armstrong's success--or that of any other sports hero? Why do sports fans set such a strong personal stake in the victories of their heroes?... Why do sports have such an enormous, enduring appeal in human life?"

"In an era when the anti-hero is dominant in intellectual culture, sports provide the purest arena in which to pursue, observe and appreciate human aspiration, achievement and greatness. The reality of an athlete striving to hone his skills to the utmost--enduring pain, overcoming injury, testing his mettle against the world's best--provides a noble vision of man's potential."

To read the entire op-ed click here.

-- selection and editing by Shrikant Rangnekar

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