Thursday, September 15, 2005

HMS Dreadnought

TIA Daily reader Jay Palmer writes:

Launched in 1906 by the British Navy, HMS Dreadnought was a breakthrough in battleship design for two reasons: first, with her ten 12-inch guns, she was the first "all-big-gun" battleship and second, she used steam turbines for propulsion, which were faster and more reliable. HMS Dreadnought was such a
revolutionary ship that after her, new battleships were often referred to as "dreadnoughts", whereas the older ones were called "pre-dreadnoughts".

To see the descriptions and photos of HMS Dreadnought visit the US Navy and British Navy sites.

"Dreadnought was the idea of Admiral Sir John Fisher who became First Sea Lord in 1904. Fisher wanted to replace battleships with fast all-big-gun armoured cruisers, called battlecruisers, which could deal with both battleships and cruisers. Armour was not as important as big guns that could
penetrate any armour at long range. Fisher’s colleagues at the Admiralty were not so revolutionary, so Fisher gave in and built an all-big-gun battleship, Dreadnought, instead."

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