Sunday, September 11, 2005

Carrier and Air Conditioning

"When Willis Carrier designed his first air conditioning system in 1902, his customer was a frustrated Brooklyn, N.Y. printer who couldn't print a decent color image because changes in heat and humidity kept changing the paper's dimensions and misaligning the
colored inks...

"Razor blades, celluloid film, capsules for pharmaceuticals, processed tobacco, bakeries, meat packing houses, soap manufacturers, munitions ... the list of industries that found they could improve their products by using 'conditioned air' from Carrier expanded dramatically...

"Many Americans experienced air conditioning for the first time in theaters as owners struggled to revive summer business that always slumped as temperatures rose.

"Willis Carrier was a dreamer, but he based his dreams on reality. 'I fish only for edible fish, and hunt only for edible game - even in the laboratory.' "

-- selection and editing by Shrikant Rangnekar

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