Sunday, September 11, 2005

B&O Railroad Museum

TIA Daily reader Thomas Bowden writes:

"Never forget the B&O Railroad Museum in Baltimore. Its roundhouse is as close to a cathedral as an industrial building gets. I often used to take my son there on Sundays and feel I was worshipping... human achievement."

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"The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum possesses the oldest and most comprehensive railroad collections in the Western Hemisphere. Its roster of rolling stock, historic buildings, and assortment of small artifacts make it a mecca of American railroading. The collection covers almost every aspect
of an industry interwoven into the folkore and culture of America."

"The Museum's collection dates from the very first days of the B&O Railroad with the laying of the First Stone on July 4, 1827. The First Stone as well as an assortment of tools used at that historic occasion are currently on display at the Museum. Also on display are hundreds of models ranging from early patent and prototype models to modern commercial railroads."

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