Sunday, September 11, 2005

Admiral Rickover

In 1946, Hyman G. Rickover saw nuclear power "as an opportunity for the Navy". With unrelenting determination, he first championed and supervised the construction of world's first nuclear powered submarine, USS Nautilus, and then, over the next decades, spearheaded the building of the nuclear fleet of US Navy and oversaw its operations.

"As director of the Naval Reactors Branch, he saw the harnessed power of the atom as the means to raise the stakes in the growing Cold War with the Soviet Union. Gone would be the dangerous necessity for submarines to snorkel to recharge their batteries. This new miracle of science would keep
submarines where they belonged, cruising silently beneath the waves shadowing Soviet naval movements, collecting Soviet missile telemetry and eavesdropping on Soviet communications."

-- Shrikant Rangnekar

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