Sunday, September 11, 2005

3M Innovations

Sandpaper, Scotch tape, Thinsulate and Post-it notes are just few of the innovations produced at the 3M corporation over its hundred year history. 3M's website does an exceptional job of highlighting its achievement.

For a brief timeline of 3M history click here.

For an in-depth look at the company, including a free 248-page e-book: "A Century of Innovation: The 3M Story" click here.

"If you take the aggregate character of the company, I believe it's one in which we think we can do anything. That's what I look for in someone whoruns a business. I want people who know they can run through walls...Thomas Edison believed that a small group of people from varied backgrounds could be the most inventive. That's what I found when I joined Central Research. I could talk to an analytical chemist, a physicist, people workingin biology and organic chemistry--people in all sciences. They were allwithin 50 yards."

-- Shrikant Rangnekar

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